I believe there is a duality of Beauty and Ugly that exists throughout the natural world we live in as well as in each of us.


My work seeks to capture this Duality.  

Whether I am painting landscapes or people, I deliberately seek out oppositions and discordance. My work must have elements that are jarring, aggressive and downright ugly when singled out, but that ideally harmonize within the piece as a whole. I want to show how integral what we might think of as "flaws" are to the beauty and complexity of the artwork; and then maybe as a society we might start changing the very perception of beauty and stop what I think is homogenization of aesthetics. 


For me painting is a very intimate process. A lot of thought and emotion go into my work. Whatever is going on in my life at the time a piece is created is channeled directly into the painting and will influence the choice of color palette, the types of markings and brushwork that are etched into the canvas and even the choice of subject matter. I don't think I could paint without that intimacy, without leaving something of myself on the canvas, the good the bad and the ugly.



Mixed media on stretched canvas 36"H x 48"W

Part of the Love collection

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