About me..

I'm an American artist who grew up in the South of France. La Provence's countryside and the Mediterranean coastline were the backdrops of my childhood. The beauty of these landscapes left lasting impressions that continue to influence my choice of subject matter and the lens through which I see and paint the world. 

I paint landscapes that are inspired by Nature; at times real, at times emotional & imagined, but always seeking to capture the Duality of Beauty and Ugly exists in each of us and in the world we live in. 

Throughout the creation process I will intentionally add elements to a painting that are jarring, aggressive and downright ugly when singled out, but that ideally harmonize within the piece as a whole. I want to show how integral those "flaws" and “unsightly” elements are to the beauty and complexity of the artwork just as they are in Nature and in each of us. We are beautiful because we are flawed, not despite it.


My art practice mirrors my life-long journey to embrace and integrate all aspects of the self, so painting is a very intimate process for me. Whatever struggle or joy I’m experiencing in my life gets channeled directly into the painting and influences everything from the choice of subject matter to the color palette and the markings that are etched into the canvas. I couldn't paint without that intimacy, without leaving something of myself on the canvas, the good the bad and the ugly.

Pia_2021_082 (1).jpg



Acrylics & mixed media on stretched cotton canvas

24 inches wide by 36 inches long


Work featured in Landscape Collection