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About me...

I'm a British-American artist who grew up in France. The Provence countryside and the Mediterranean coastline were the backdrops of my childhood. The beauty of these landscapes left lasting impressions that have become a source of inspiration for my painting.

At 19 I moved to the US intent on a career in the performing arts. I attended New World School of The Arts Conservatory, graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Florida, and went on to an extensive stage and film career. It was an exciting chapter in my life; but eventually I found myself craving a more direct and intimate means of artistic expression. Maybe it’s in my blood – both my grandmothers were painters, or maybe it’s just intuition, but painting was a natural fit. Encouraged early on by the sale of several large works, I decided to focus solely on painting.

About my work...


I paint mostly abstract landscapes. At times real, at times imagined, often bridging the space between the emotional landscape of my mind and the physical landscape I've lived in. Painting is an intimate experience where my state of mind determines everything from the choice of subject matter, to the colors used and the intensity of the brushstrokes. Each painting is a record of my psyche at a specific time and place in my life, turning my inner struggles and joys into abstract visuals that reflect my point of view on my self, this world, and the people around me.

Abstraction of forms puts the focus on the emotional energy of the painting; and with shapes and figures no longer recognizable, the viewer has to use their imagination to fill in the visual storyline making them integral to the artwork taking life.

Duality also plays a crucial part in my work: impulsive brushstrokes contrast with a carefully constructed composition; Jarring, aggressive and downright ugly markings are added to disrupt a beautiful scene. For me, elements that could be construed as “flaws” are integral to the beauty and complexity of my artwork, just as they are in Nature and in People. I think in this my art practice mirrors my daily practice of learning to integrate and love every aspect of who I am, the good the bad and the ugly.




Acrylics & mixed media on stretched cotton canvas

24 inches wide by 36 inches long


Work featured in Landscape Collection

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